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The Mindful Geek teaches you to get the real world benefits of authentic mindfulness meditation without having to drink anyone’s metaphysical Kool-Aid. Mindfulness coach Michael Taft gives you step-by-step instructions in the powerful and reliable techniques of mindfulness, and outlines the psychological and neuroscientific research underpinning these practices — all without you having to believe in reincarnation, karma, or other sacred cows….


Michael W. Taft

is an mindfulness coach, author, and neuroscience junkie. He specializes in secular, science-based meditation training in corporate settings, as well as one-on-one personal coaching. Michael is the author of The Mindful Geek, and Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept



Improve Your Life

Get relief from anxiety, depression, OCD, addiction, and more.


Learn the psychological and neuroscientific research at the root of mindfulness.

Emotional Freedom

Learn to surf your emotional waves with ease.

  • “Michael Taft is a gifted teacher of mindfulness with an impressive track record of helping people get results. As one of my senior facilitators with over 30 years of practice experience, he has a comprehensive understanding of meditative traditions and practices, and is able to translate that into science-friendly, secular language. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

    ~ Shinzen Young, meditation teacher and author of The Science of Enlightenment

  • “Michael has a deep understanding of meditation practice and its underpinnings, and manifests the wisdom and compassion that comes from this. He is also a skilled listener which is an important complement to these other critical components.”

    ~ Judson Brewer, MD,PhD Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness and an associate professor in Medicine and Psychiatry at UMass Medical School

  • “Michael Taft is steeped in practice and deeply trained in multiple traditions. He is extremely articulate about subtle states of mind and important distinctions in meditation, for both beginners and long-time practitioners. He’s also very open, warm, and supportive – plus deeply wise.”

    ~ Rick Hanson, PhD author of Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, and Just One Thing

  • “Michael possesses a rare combination of talents. First, he has decades of experience, which allows him to teach from a place of great depth and to directly speak to the many different ways a student can come to practice. Second, he is at the forefront of brain and emotion science and is able to speak about contemplative practices to smart, skeptical students. Finally, he has deep practice experiences in multiple wisdom traditions, which allows his secular viewpoint to be not become untethered from the foundation and heart of how mindfulness has been practiced throughout history.”

    ~ Bill Duane, Superintendent of Well Being at Google

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“With mindfulness meditation, the evidence seems to suggest that one can achieve a level of change that would be impossible otherwise.  Listen as author and meditation teacher Michael Taft explains the benefits of secular, scientific practice of modern mindfulness meditation.”

David McRaney interviews Michael about The Mindful Geek on the “You Are Not So Smart” podcast.

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Meditation without the Mysticism

If you're interested in mindfulness, but don't want to navigate the religious and cultural trappings, The Mindful Geek is for you!

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