Mindful Emotions Training Affiliate Program

Sign up to become a Mindful Emotions Training affiliate. The hope here is to use the “magic of capitalism” to help spread the word about the MET program.

To wit: if you bring someone into the program, I will give you 25 percent of the gross proceeds. That’s something in the neighborhood of 10.35 bucks for you. And you don’t have to do any of the support, upkeep, record keeping, or anything. I’m even paying the processing fees. You just recommend the program, and money flows into your pocket.

If you’ve taken the Mindful Emotions Training (and I hope you have, if you’re recommending it) you know that it’s a top of the line introduction to using mindfulness to cope with emotional difficulties, that can really transform an individual’s relationship to their own feelings. It’s more than worth the $197 price point?less than the cost of one therapy session for most people

Feel free to go ahead and market MET to your heart’s content. Let me know if it’s working for you, or if you need any help or extra materials. I’d love to help both of us out.

All the best,