Does your business, company, or team have trouble with:corporate_folks

  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Clear communication
  • Emotional conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Concentration and staying on task
  • Lack of motivation and inspiration
  • Burnout, fatigue, and procrastination?

Mindfulness can help to turn around all of these issues, and set your organization back on track.

Michael W. Taft offers talks, instruction, workshops, and daylong trainings for corporations, companies, and groups in the mindfulness techniques which are proven to help with these issues.

He teaches often at companies such as Google, and has designed program materials for SIYLI. Michael specializes in working with tech companies, and has a strong affinity with engineers, geeks, and tech-industry folks. Michael’s teaching is very secular, and loaded with neuroscience, evolution, and?here and there?relevant science fiction film references. 😉

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Contact him to discuss the menu of programs he has available, and how he can help your company function at the highest possible level.