Want to start meditating right now? Michael Taft offers live, personal meditation instruction in Berkeley, California most Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm. The Berkeley group has been going for many years, and generally focuses on advanced meditations and issues in mindfulness practice.

He also teaches at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Center in San Francisco (Mission District) every Thursday night at 5:30. This class is for all levels.

Michael’s teaching focuses on Vipassana meditation (i.e. mindfulness) in the style of Shinzen Young. Everyone from beginners to long-time meditators is welcome and will find something new, helpful, fascinating, and challenging here.

Each night Michael leads the group in 40 minutes of guided meditation. The guided meditation is different almost every time, but always within the same system of practice. This means that over time, you will learn an entire, “industrial strength” method of mindfulness meditation, which is applicable to serious life challenges.

Michael strives to create an atmosphere that is non-denominational and free from mythology and dogma. The focus is on the nuts and bolts of meditation practice and how it applies to your everyday life. He is not a guru, and prefers to relate to people in the role of a meditation coach and peer.

After class, we often enjoy a chance to talk with each other informally about our lives and practice.

If you are interested in learning meditation, going deeper into your current practice, sitting with a group of dedicated practitioners, or learning meditation from a qualified mentor, then consider coming to the group. Come and check it out. The group is free, and donations are accepted.

Read what students are saying about Michael’s teaching.

Class format:

  • Arrive and settle (7:15 – )
  • Guided meditation (7:30 pm)
  • Talk and discussion (done by 8:45 pm)

If you are interested in attending the class, email me at michael@themindfulgeek.com

Michael also hosts a weekly guided meditation conference call on Monday Morning to help you start the week out right. Just dial 712-775-7035 and enter code: 683744# to join in this 25-minute live program.

Michael also offers one-on-one personal meditation instruction and counseling.