Michael Taft speaking about mindfulness and meditation.

In this author talk at Google, Michael Taft looks at emotional intelligence ? how we can work with our own emotions much more effectively using evolutionary biology, psychology, and mindfulness meditation. And Star Wars.

Here are a number of recent podcast interviews with Michael Taft. His appearance on David McRaney’s excellent podcast You Are Not So Smart was a major hit.

Other podcasts featuring Michael W. Taft

Cafe Gaga – Gareth Branwyn – Artsy/literary podcast (hosted by the editor of The Mindful Geek book).

The One You FeedTop Rated Podcast with Psychological emphasis

The Mike & Suzie Show – Health & fitness podcast

My Seven Chakras Positivity/New Age podcast

Present Moment MindfulnessFairly hardcore meditation podcast

Positive Head – What I would describe as a positivity/California lifestyle podcast