Mindful Emotions Training


I’d like to welcome you to the Mindful Emotions Training program.

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I sincerely hope you get the most out of your MET course. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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Course Curriculum


Session One: Emotions Are Body Sensations

  • The evolutionary background of emotions
  • The surprising truth about how emotions rule your life
  • The secret of what emotions are “for”
  • Guided Meditation: Feeling emotions in the body

Session Two: Accepting the Reality of Feelings

  • Why it is counterproductive to resist your emotions
  • The hidden power of acceptance
  • Why you will not become a Teletubby
  • Guided Meditation: Accepting emotional sensations

Session Three: Finding Freedom

  • The practical method for developing intuition
  • Learning how to connect with others emotionally
  • Cultivating a life of meaning
  • Guided Meditation: Clarity with emotional sensations

Session Four: Feeling Good

  • The method for “savoring” positive emotions
  • Learning to recognize and validate good feelings
  • Letting it in — a crucial technique for an excellent existence
  • Guided Meditation: Appreciation


  • Several more guided meditations for specific emotional work
  • Teaching videos
  • Highly relevant readings
  • More