People who register for Mindful Emotions Training (MET) agree to these General Terms of Use:

? I am 18 or older, or a teenager whose parent or guardian has registered for me and communicated his or her permission to for me to take this program.

? I understand that this is an educational program ? not treatment for any physical or mental health condition ? and that no promises are offered as to what I get out of it or how it affects me. I take responsibility for my own experience in the program, and I am able to manage my reactions to the audios and other aspects of the MET program on my own. I understand that Michael Taft does not have a professional relationship with me.

? I recognize that all editorial content and graphics in the MET program are copyrighted by Michael Taft who reserves all rights.

? I will not share my username and password with others, and I recognize that my account may be suspended if more than one person uses my username to log in to the MET program.

? I understand that I may be de-registered from the MET program if I violate these General Terms of Use.