Mindfulness without Mysticism

You don’t have to believe in mindfulness meditation for it to work. Like any good technology, mindfulness will do the job reliably whether you believe in it or not. And mindfulness IS a kind of technology for hacking the human wetware in order to improve your life. This book is a practical, hands-on manual about how to make the most of that technology for yourself.

If you are smart, rational, science-y, and have a desire to see what meditation is really all about, this book is for you.

See for yourself: Read a sample chapter here.

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“Michael Taft’s deep expertise shines through in this engaging and compassionate guide to meditation. The Mindful Geek is an invaluable resource for beginners or anyone wanting to take their practice to the next level.”
~ Sandra Aamodt, PhD, author of Welcome to Your Brain
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Reader Reviews

An Awesome and practical guide to meditation for those of us that want the information and neuroscience without all the new age fluff.Scott
It’s pragmatic, concise and beautifully written.Amazon
Definitely a highly recommended read!!Andrea
This is the book I wish I had when I started meditating.Amazon
I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness lately and have been turned off by the spiritual focus of many authors. This book is a great, straightforward introduction to mindfulness from a practical, science-informed point of view, with clear exercises to help you get started.Curtis
Best information on meditation around!Jeff
A logically structured, easy to comprehend narrative full of super interesting scientific info on meditation and its techniques. Amazon
I was able to easily follow the instructions for meditating and I noticed the benefits immediately. Eric
You can take what is presented in this book and start seeing immediate results without a lot of impractical mumbo jumbo.Al
The Mindful Geek probably the best book on secular mindfulness I have come come across.Braxton
This book is just what I was looking for. A meditation guide that doesn’t ask me to take on a religion or belief system. Taft’s way of explaining mindfulness is accessible, interesting, and entirely fresh. I highly recommend this book!J. Clark
I think experienced meditators and beginners alike will find this book powerful and useful.Matt
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