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In 1-on-1 Sessions with Michael W. Taft You Get:

  • Personalized Instruction

    Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all technique. Different people respond favorably to different techniques. In a one-on-one session with Michael Taft he will hand-craft your mindfulness practice to fit your unique strengths, personality, situation, and goals.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance

    Meditation practice can be confusing sometimes. It is a skill, and requires training like any other. In a personal session you get the expert instruction that can help you to get greater benefits of the practice.

  • Direct Feedback

    Boost your skill acquisition by getting honest, insightful, consistent feedback about your progress in learning and practicing meditation. Michael is known for his very direct style of communication. No nonsense!

  • Expert Encouragement

    Sometimes you just need a coach to get you through the next round of a workout—and to help you to turn your practice into real life improvement.

  • Insightful Counseling

    When you commit to a daily meditation practice, all areas of your life begin to transform. Michael has decades of experience helping to guide people through these life-changing transitions.

Get one-one-one guidance for your meditation practice with Michael.

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