You shouldn?t have to join a religion to meditate.

Mindfulness meditation is a life-changing practice, a skill that anyone can learn and apply. As such, I feel that it?s important to make it available to everybody?regardless of their belief system.

Our understanding of meditation is growing quickly as neuroscientists, psychologists, and biologists race to unlock the secrets of the human brain. Often these discoveries affirm what we?ve known for millennia about meditation, but sometimes this cutting edge information conflicts with religious views about how it works. I feel that in these cases, while maintaining respect for religious belief, we have to defer to the science.

We also have the benefit of a scientific cosmology that was not available to previous generations. Understanding that the universe was created in the big bang, the earth revolves around the sun, and human beings evolved from other animals greatly changes?and greatly enhances?our understanding of human nature and of meditation.

I personally spent decades practicing meditation in religious contexts, and have nothing but love and respect for the traditions. There is, however, currently plenty of that sort of teaching available for those who desire it. Because I feel that meditation can be taught much more clearly, effectively, and quickly in a scientific, secular context, I prefer to teach it that way.

If you are looking for a meditation coach who will not include any supernatural concepts in the teaching, who will not ask you to believe in reincarnation, karma, ?energy,? or the like, and who will not have a religious agenda for the practice, that is my specialty. (For the record, I?m not opining about the validity of these ideas, I just don?t include them in my teaching.)

Together we will approach the practice from a perspective of biology, evolution, psychology, neuroscience, and behavior, backed up by a large amount of real-world practical meditation experience. I look forward to working with you?an open-minded, intelligent, scientifically-oriented person who wants to change your life for the better through the practice of mindfulness meditation.