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Have you ever had an anxiety attack? A severe depression? Have you ever lost your job or your relationship because you couldn’t control your emotions? You are not alone.

I know what it’s like to have a hard time with emotions. When I was a teenager, I suffered from crippling anxiety attacks. It was a terrible time, and I didn’t have much support. Eventually, with a lot of searching and some luck, I discovered meditation. I did some and was surprised because it actually helped. Meditation taught me to cope—I could get over my anxiety attack, and get back to my work. It was like I had gotten my life back.

That was about 35 years ago, and since then, I have dedicated my life to meditation. I’ve discovered how to handle emotions in an entirely different way—a way that gives you complete ability to handle whatever emotions arise—and have been teaching it to thousands of students for over a decade. After all the pain, the struggles, the shame, the destruction that emotional problems can bring, these practices can get you back on track.

Sometimes every type of therapy isn’t enough; sometimes all the medications in the world don’t quite do the trick. I won’t kid you, it’s not an easy course. It takes work and perseverance and a willingness to dig deep. But it works. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has really helped, Mindful Emotions Training is for you. It can offer you the possibility of handling your anxiety, coping with your anger and despair, making it through your depression—and getting your life back.

~ Michael W. Taft


In Mindful Emotions Training You Will Learn:

  • The #1 way to deal with happy emotionsoverwhelming or uncomfortable emotions (Hint: It’s not ignoring them)
  • Four powerful  mindfulness meditation techniques for working with emotions
  • Effective methods for reducing anxiety & relieving depression
  • Proven techniques for understanding what other people are feeling—the key to better personal and professional relationships
  • Specific guidance in contacting your intuition to make better decisions
  • The keys to getting your life back from emotional problems & anxieties
  • Ways to achieve better emotional resilience—meaning you can “bounce back” after adversity more quickly
  • A proven path to re-engineering your relationship to your emotions and your life
  • Several ancient mindfulness meditation methods that are backed by modern neuroscience
  • How to achieve your dreams without your difficult emotions holding you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

MET Changed Everything— Gabe’s Experience

gabe mindful emotions“Before Mindful Emotions Training, I was a ticking time bomb. I wasn’t necessarily angsty or enraged in the cool, sexy way either. I didn’t smoke cigarettes under bridges or ride my motorcycle at the break of dawn. I didn’t throw rocks through windows (although, really wanted to) or listen to death metal in garages.

Rather, I was a vat of nitroglycerin, brimming with repressed rage, paralyzed by anxieties, and so familiar with the feeling of panic that I could call it my most reliable friend.

In four weeks, Mindful Emotions Training changed everything. And the most unbelievable part is that it really wasn’t that difficult. In fact, it was really simple. Michael Taft is incredibly knowledgeable about the nature of our emotional hardwiring and how we can effectively relate to it, and presents this knowledge clearly through the course. Michael’s background as a legitimate long-term investigator of different meditative and scientific disciplines allows you to understand all of this new and exciting information in very accessible and clear way and point you in the right direction. I really have no reason to sugarcoat this testimonial or nerf the corners of your experience.

So just drop the stories and believe me when I say this course will undoubtedly lead to growth and your emotional progress as long as you just do the work. Just do it.” ~ Gabe Gould, MET student

Mindful Emotions Training Includes:

  • 4 Powerful Classes

    Learn the basics of mindfulness of emotions in these four teaching audios (about 30 min each). Michael has streamlined this material down to just the essentials you need to know to get results. Study at your own time and pace.

  • 4 Guided Meditations

    Practice what you’ve learned with four guided meditations. These have been carefully crafted to help you work with difficult emotions. Listen to them on your phone or anywhere. There are 10 min. and 30 min. versions of each.

  • Community Support

    You will have access to a private Facebook group to discuss and share your experiences. Connect with others who are learning.

  • Tons of Resources

    Augment your learning with a HUGE amount of extra meditations, talks, and free materials. Learn the science behind how mindfulness of emotions really works. Lots of free downloads will be added over time.

  • Special 1-on-1 Phone Session

    This is an amazing deal. Get one free call with Michael to discuss your mindfulness of emotions practice. You can use this special half-hour session for personal counseling, mindfulness questions, or guided meditation.

Anytime-Any Place — Mindful Emotions Training works on your schedule. It can be accessed from any country at any time. If you are overseas, we can do the 1-on-1 coaching call via Skype.

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Taught by Michael W. Taft

Mindfulness meditation coach and bestselling author

  • Over 35 years experience
  • Teaches at Google and other major companies
  • Author of The Mindful Geek and other books

More about Michael 

Email Michael with any questions you have about the Mindful Emotions Training

Michael’s Students Say

“Michael is a kind and gentle teacher and an amazing resource.” ~ Christopher Soren Kelly

“I’ve always left our conversations with a fresh perspective and feeling of inspiration to implement mindfulness into everything I do.” ~ Ashleigh Abramovich

“Michael’s classes have changed my life” ~ Elvira Gonzales

Your Journey of Healing Your Emotions


Session One: Emotions Are Body Sensations
Emotions are not some foggy idea or airy concept—they are feelings in your body. That gives you a handle on them—you can touch them—and gain a powerful ability to work with them directly.

  • How understanding the evolutionary background of emotions can help you to deal with them.
  • The surprising truth about why emotions rule your life, and what to do about it.
  • The secret of what emotions are “for”—and how that gives you room to feel them.
  • Guided Meditation: Feeling emotions in the body

Session Two: Accepting the Reality of Feelings
Most of us spend all our time trying to make bad feelings go away—which gives them power over you. One of the most effective ways to deal with your feelings is to simply let them be there.

  • Why it is counterproductive to resist your emotions
  • The hidden power of acceptance to make your life bigger and better
  • Why you will not become a Teletubby, or numb out
  • Guided Meditation: Accepting emotional sensations

Session Three: Finding Freedom
What if feelings didn’t have to be something big and dangerous that you were afraid of? In this session, you learn to develop openness and curiosity towards your emotions—the next step in getting your life back.

  • The life-changing power of knowing what you’re feeling
  • Learning how to connect with others emotionally
  • Cultivating a life of meaning
  • Guided Meditation: Clarity with emotional sensations

Session Four: Feeling Good
You can spend so much time worrying about negative emotions that you forget to notice the good times. This whole session is specific techniques to make the joy in your life shine brighter.

  • The method for deeply savoring positive emotions
  • Learning to recognize and validate good feelings
  • Letting it in — a crucial technique for an excellent existence
  • Guided Meditation: Appreciation


  • Additional guided meditations for specific emotional work
  • Teaching videos
  • Highly relevant readings
  • More